intersit truck loading cargo


Road freight transport is the way of transport that combines the direct delivery and the low cost. Since 2004, when the transport activity had started, INTERSIT LTD specialises in road freight transport, both export and import. The main activity is to load full or part of truck shipments of food and beverages. In addition, from 2015, transporrt for maintenance goods and deep frozen is being served.

Export and import loadings take place every week with permanent and reliable partners. A wide pick up channel is covered both in Greece and Europe. The countries where we reach are Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Czech Republic ang Hungary.


In Industrial area of Sindos, an accesible point for every vehicle, the company’s facilities are located since 2004. Both the offices and the warehouse, 3 seperate places of storage, are in the same building, something really helpful for the effective fuction and coordination of the loadings. The different storage places, for dry, maintennce and deep frozen products, have been formed in order to improve the loading process for every kind of cargo, while at the same time.

intersit logo on our warehouse
manager supervising the cargo loading


The transportation for us is of dual importance. We cover the part of export of goods from Greece to Central Europe and vice versa, from Central Europe to Greece. Using the wide pick-up channel, we are able to cover every requested point of delivery.

Our expertise is to transport greek producers’ goods from all over Greece. These goods either are collected right from the producers plants or are delivered to our warehouses. After that the loading is follows.

Vice versa, we import every kind fo goods and deliver to every point will be asked.

The handling of shipment, however is not just about transportation. The preparation of the nesessary documents and customs procedures for proper shipment is an important part, which is effectively covered by us through the experience and the training to our personnel.


Stock storage and its management is a service that is offered. The market’s demand created this necessity due to the big ammount of part loadings. For this reason there is storage place for dry, maintenance and deep frozen products. According to the given orders, every shipment is being prepared and is ready to be loaded within a short time.

employee loading moving cargo in our warehouse
employees working on their computers


Communication is also a key factor in the transportation process. The information is important , from the time that the order is given, till the delivery fo the goods. The provision of these services is achieved by the immediate response, by phone or email. The ERP programm promotes a more efficient management of electronic information, while the sotrage of transport documents guarrantees the after sales services. A temperature report con be proveded in case of shipment under controlled temperature.